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The Partnership offers a popular and successful subscription service to schools to support them with delivering high quality PE and to enrich sporting opportunities for all young people. The subscription service is varied and flexible with a ‘Core Offer’ designed to suit the needs of all schools and then a menu of optional ‘Bolt On’ programmes which further support the provision of PE, physical activity and sport in schools. This approach offers choice and flexibility enabling schools to tailor their own package of support to suit the needs of their children and school.


51 primary schools have subscribed to the SSPs Core Offer in 2023-24. The School Sports Partnership is also providing the following additional support to schools through its ‘bolt on’ programmes: 

  • Deploying four Primary PE Specialists into 11 primary schools each week to improve the provision & quality of PE and School Sport
  • Delivering training to support the development of Active Lunchtimes in 33 schools
  • Organising the successful Top Up Swimming programme for Year 5/6 children in 6 schools
  • Delivering balanceability training in 24 schools and Scootability in 18 schools, helping over 1800 reception and year 1 children to learn to ride a bike or scoot safely
  • Delivering Yoga sessions in 9 schools, helping children to develop core strength, posture balance and coordination through story telling and role play to keep the sessions engaging and fun
  • Delivering whole school training in 12 schools and putting together a bespoke training programme for staff in a further 5 schools
  • Delivering Team Building sessions with 6 schools helping to develop pupil’s problem solving, communication, teamwork and cooperation skills
  • Arranging whole school sporting athlete visits for 27 schools, inspiring children to achieve their best, build resilience and improve wellbeing, through school assemblies and practical workshops
  • Mini Medics training for 12 schools, introducing children between the ages of 8 and 11 to First Aid, CPR and Defibrillation, using educational, theoretical and practical sessions


For more information on our subscription service please get in touch and we can arrange a meeting to discuss a tailored package of support to meet your schools needs.